Since we believe in structural aproaches we work via a methodology, briefly described below.


Map & Measure


Workshop (Problem/Opportunity - Goal - Boundary Conditions - Solution) 
Preliminary sustainability assessments
Benchmarking, internal & external stakeholder dialogue
Risk mapping
Human Capital Development/Opportunities


Explore & Evaluate


Benchmarking, Materiality analysis
Human Capital needs and opportunities
Risk assessment


Define & Describe


Ambition level (Vision and Mission)
Short and longterm objectives & targets 
How to measure progress and performance
Against which baseline 
Propose strategic directions
Human Capital advice


Implement & Deploy


Embedding in organization & core processess
Training standard (NEVI)
Customized incompany training
Change management
Human Capital Recruitment/Development


Communicate & Control


Global network of experts
Global Network of Subject Matter Experts and Partners
Implement structural feedback loop